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Team EPLÚ was created by Anne Marie Westra-Nijhuis from EPLÚ Management Support in 2017. It comprises a select and inspiring number of public speakers, trainers, guest lecturers and moderators, all of whom match the profile “a public speaker who really makes a difference!”

Each speaker from Team EPLÚ is well-qualified and very distinctive. A team of inspiring individuals created through personal contacts: that is what Team EPLÚ is all about!

At Team EPLÚ you can find out all, and more, about: entrepreneurship • design & innovation • marketing • crowd funding • start-ups • social innovation • creativity • knowledge management • appreciative inquiry • leadership • change management •organizational management • education & job market • demand-driven learning and work • business development • inspiration • motivation • sports • personal development • start-ups • youth entrepreneurship • failure & winning • mindset • america • communications • debate • linkedin & twitter • marketing concepts • social tooling • social selling • social tactics • social branding • creative thinking • location independent working • the noordwijk method • education innovation • atelier education • 21st century skills • habits of mind • talent development • brain and learning • online marketing & strategy • it • sales • revenue models • daily habits • social entrepreneurship • identity marketing • purpose economy • retail • ecommerce & logistics • internet • webshops • robotica • data science • tech • growth hacking • technical innovation

All requests are assessed individually and tailored to your needs. Organizer Anne Marie Westra-Nijhuis is continuously and closely involved right from the moment your request is received.

Anne Marie Westra-Nijhuis - organizer

All the speakers from Team EPLÚ are known to me personally, and they have inspired me: two invaluable aspects to consider when submitting a request for a speaker!

If you would like to be kept informed personally, or you wish to request a public speaker who really makes a difference, please contact Anne Marie Westra directly by phone: +31 53 4347567 / +31 6 48828577 or e-mail:

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